Airosioth by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Titles The Amazonian Pilot
Nicknames Airo, A.Sioth
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Jungle, Old Jungle
Size Medium to Large
Relatives Plesioth
Signature Move Air Strike Final
Elements Water
Ailments None
Weaknesses Ice
Creator T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Airosioth are a species that shares an ancient bond with Plesioth, but is a separate species. They appear in Monster Hunter Eko Frontier.


They have a head that resembles that of an arapaima, but with bigger jaws. They have rounded wings instead of jagged, unlike Plesioth. All of their other fins are rounded as well. They are a complete dark green, with red lines outlining certain scales on their body. Their jaws have one row teeth, with no gaps to show gum in between them. Other than that, they resemble a large Plesioth, with red eyes.

None Yet Piscine Wyverns that are known to launch themselves at threats. They can launch themselves from the water hard enough to break a man's chest. We're glad one doesn't exist that has anything sharp on it. Oh, wait...


They are peaceful until you threaten them. Then they will launch themselves from the water, or use their wings to fly up and launch towards you on land. They are very aggressive to other monster that are at least three quarters of their size. This includes things like Deviljho, one of which was found with a broken sternum., as well as several broken ribs.


Aside from being able to launch themselves into the air, when they hit you, which has a 25% chance of causing Breathless, which is not an official status effect, but more just an effect that isn't considered a status. It will reduce your breath gauge to zero for five seconds, then slowly begin to fill it back up.

Rage and Tired States

*Rage State:

Their eyes will send out a bright supernova or light, then continue to glow an ominous red.

*Tired State

They will fold down their fins and flatten their tail. This makes them more aerodynamic in the water, but will make them slip up often.


They share Plesioth's mount, but will sometimes launch themselves into the air and rocket down, attempting to dislodge the hunter.


They share Green Plesioth's attacks.

Torpedo Launch:

They will rocket from anywhere in the area, until they hit a wall. They may sometimes leave the area when doing this.

Hydrogen Bomb Missile:

They will cloak themselves in a veil of water, then fire towards a hunter in an arc. When they hit the ground, water will fly all over the area.

Water Spire Rockets:

They will spray copious amounts of water in front of them, then fly into it, going into a Torpedo Launch. However, they leave a spiral of water that crashes as soon as they finish the attack. This attack also sends bursts of water backwards.

Water Fusion Cannon:

They will spray two beams of water, that spin around each other. It is fired in the same way as Plesioth's water beam.

Air Strike I:

They will fly into the air, then dive down, breaking the ground when they hit it.

Air Strike II:

They will perform the same maneuver as Air Strike I, but at the attack's peak, it will surround itself in a veil of water, making itself look like a bomb. When it hits the ground, it will shatter it and leave a large puddle.

Air Strike Final:

They will do the maneuver from Air Strike II, but while they are falling, they will open their wings, which will help it direct itself towards a hunter. It does all of this while firing a water beam in the direction it's facing. It will fall after this attack is finished.

Breakable Parts

Wings x2: The wing will become tattered.

Dorsal Fin: It's dorsal fin will be sliced of, and can be carved.

Tail: It's tail will become tattered.

Legs x2: It's claws will break.


Rarity Name Attack Affinity Sharpness Element Description Price
Heavy Bowgun Icon Blue
Amazon Bazooka 580 5% None Adds on Water damage to all of your ammo. A rocket launcher shaped like an amazonian fish. It's rockets create quite the explosion when they touch something, so don't swing it around. 50000z
Long Sword Icon Rainbow
Amazon Spire 3000 50% Dragon Water "...a wondrous blade crafted by a talented artist out of rare parts. That is a reward for many hunts of rare and dangerous monsters to collect materials to create the ultimate blade. It's blade is made entirely out of water... but why is that so?"-To quote Rae, when he see's the player's Amazon Spire. It is free, but has you combine rare items with Airosioth parts multiple times.


Icon Item Name Description Qty Drop Rate Type
Claw Icon White
Airosioth Fang The small tooth of an Airosioth. It smells like mud, rivers, and rotting flesh. 1-3 18% Body Carve
Claw Icon White
Select Airosioth Fang A strong, but sturdy, tooth from an old Airosioth. It smells strongly of fish laying in the sun. 1-3 18% Body Carve
Scale Icon Green
Airosioth Scale A green scale from an Airosioth. It bears several tiny bite marks from small river life. 1-3 60% Body Carve
Scale Icon Dark Green
Strdy Airo. Scale A dark scale from an Airosioth. It bears many bites from tiny river life. Is that a leech?! 1-3 60% Body Carve
Scale Icon Red
Airo. Red Scale A scale from an Airosioth's tail. It has a red border, and is strong enough to knock out a man just by slapping him with it. 1-2 10% Break Tail
Scale Icon Dark Red
Airo. Border Scale A scale from an old Airosioth's tail. It has a thick red border. You aren't sure if the extra red is just pigment or blood. 1-2 10% Break Tail
Monster Parts Icon Green
Rounded Fin The fin from an Airosioth's back. It is smooth to the touch. You feel like you could stroke it all day... and maybe you will. 1 12% Sever Fin
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green
Silky Fin The fin from an old Airosioth's back. It is smooth as the most polished rock. It is used to make clothing in the desert because of it's comfort and cooling sensation. 1 12% Sever Fin
Webbing Icon Light Green
Amazon Webbing The webbing from an Airosioth's wing. This is strong enough to pull up the immense weight of the monster. 1-2 15% Break Wing
Webbing Icon Teal
Congo Webbing The webbing from an old Airosioth's wing. It's so strong and comfortable that you might use some to make a hammock. 1-2 15% Break Wing
Monster Parts Icon Green
Airosioth Head The entire head of an Airosioth. It has it's gills intact, and is covered by thick bone plates. 1 6% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green
Blnt Airo. Head The entire head of an elder Airosioth. It has it's gills intact, and still pulsing, and is covered by bone plates to thick, you aren't sure how big the actual head is. 1 6% Body Carve
Mantle Icon Teal
Amazon Gem An over-exorbitantly rare gem produced inside the heart of an Airosioth over many years. It feels wet, like water, even though it's completely dry. 1 0.0001% Body Carve, Shiny Drop


  • I based this (if you couldn't tell) of of the arapaima, a fish the launches itself from the water and can break a man's bones with the impact.

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