Aggressor Bazelgeuse
Aggressor Bazelgeuse Screenshot by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Nuclear Explosive Scale Wyvern
Nicknames Blitz Wyvern, Nuclear Giant, Delta Predator
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Ancient Forest, Wildspire Wastes, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, Elder's Recess
Size Large
Relatives Bazelgeuse
Signature Move Scale Blitz
Elements Element Fire
Ailments Severe Fireblight Status Blastblight
Weaknesses Element Thunder Element Ice Element Dragon
Creator TheElusiveOne

Aggressor Bazelgeuse is a G-Rank exclusive variant of Bazelgeuse. Unlike the regular Bazelgeuse, this variant's scales are permanently glowing red hot. It features a few new attacks and also gains blastblight.

Aggressor Bazelgeuse Render by Chaoarren


A nefarious variant of the Bazelgeuse, armed with more robust scales witch it can dislodge to cause massive explosions that send out even more scales which explode as well. The variant is so dangerous that it can blow up entire ecosystems, leaving nothing but piles of ashes.


They behave very similarly to the regular Bazelgeuse with the primary difference being their power and threat level compared to the normal relatives.


It retains much of the same abilities of the regular Bazelguese, albeit with differences:

1: Its dislodged scales have a larger explosion radius.

2: Its overall movement speed is increased by 1.25x: In rage mode, its increased by 1.75x.

3: During its Blitz-esque flying attack where it rains down its dislodged scales on hunters, the amount of dislodged scales that it rains down is doubled.

4: Its mine scales explode immediately the moment the wyvern itself, a hunter or a palico go near it, rather than exploding only if triggered by an attack or hit.

5: Its explosions now leave traces of explosive powder that inflict blastblight to nearby hunters.

6: After it divebombs, it flies upwards to divebomb again. This second divebomb releases a massive explosion the moment Aggressor Bazelguese hits the ground.

7: While scattering the smaller dislodged scales, it can unveil much larger ones that not only have a massive explosion radius but also scatter massive amounts of smaller scales that explode altogether.

8: When it shoots fireballs on the ground, it leaves traces of explosive powder. The powder can inflict Blastblight if the hunter is caught near it.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State: Its scales start to glow even brighter and an aura of explosive powder surrounds it.
  • Tired State: Starts leaking saliva from its mouth; specks around its mouth can inflict blastblight if the hunter is affected by them.


The same way regular Bazelgeuse is mounted.

Role in the Food Chain

Minimal - Extremely Low - Low - Average - High - Extremely High - (Apex) - Legend

Main Prey: Everything that moves (Fauna, dead carcasses, etc)

Arch-Rivals: Bazelgeuse, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho

Tracks: Large Misfigured Scales

Turf Wars

Aggressor Bazelgeuse vs Bazelgeuse

Both will taunt each other extensively before taking to the skies and slamming into one another, causing a rain of dislodged scales in the process. Massive explosions occur during each of their headbutts, slams, bites and gnaws at each other. The Aggressor Bazelgeuse thn slams its neck into the regular Bazelgeuse's neck, scattering large dislodged scales that explode extensively, crippling the normal Bazelgeuse and making it trip, which causing 1523 damage.


Habitat Range

Similarly to the regular Bazelgeuse it can be found in all regions of the New World although it is much rarer than its normal counterpart.

Ecological Niche

Similarly to the normal Bazelgeuse, the Aggressor Bazelgeuse asserts itself as the apex predator of the various regions it travels to, with little to no rivals besides other Bazelgeuse, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho, and various Elder Dragons.

Biological Adaptations

It retains the ability to dislodge its scales that its normal counterpart features. However, these variants can dislodge multiple layers of scales alongside much larger scales than their normal counterpart's, resulting in much more catastrophic explosions that send out even more scales everywhere which also explode. This causes vast amounts of concussive damage to nearby foes.

New Attacks

Large Dislodged Scale: These drop out sligthly rarer than the small ones do. When they explode, the radius is massive and they also send out a vast amount of smaller scales everywhere that also explode.

Scale Blitz: While flying and scattering dislodged scales, it releases an explosive powder from its mouth. When the scales explode, it triggers the explosive powder to detonate as-well, causing a massive array of endless explosions that go all across the affected area. Inflicts Blastblight.

Nuclear Blastball: It rears upwards as if it was about to shoot a fireball, except its scales start to glow extremely brightly, resulting in it shooting out a massive ball coated in explode powder that explodes in an extremely massive Area-Of-Effect. The explosion forms a mushroom-like shape, similar to a real life atomic bomb before fading.


Offers the same carves as the regular Bazelguese

In-Game Information

Aggressor Bazelgeuse
Aggressor Bazelgeuse Icon By YukiHerz N/A


  • Credit for the name goes to TheBrilliantLance
  • Credit for the revamp of the icon goes to YukiHerz
  • It is meant to connect the "powerhouse" cycle to Bazelgeuse. The powerhouse cycle features Rajang with Furious Rajang, Deviljho with Savage Deviljho, Brachydios with Raging Brachydios and Yian Garuga with One-Eared Yian Garuga.