The Abyssal Volcano (Japanese 深海火山) is an area located in the submerged areas of an underwater volcano near the volcanic belt. It is characterized by marine cannons and other rocky passages, fumaroles and murky hot water. The monster of this area are very dangerous.


Abyssal Volcano Map
  • Base camp: Similar to the Volcano's base, it's located in a beach and the waters are surprisingly clean.
  • Zone 1: A midly deep zone with the botton covered with ash and sand, there are several fumaroles emiting gas and tainting the water, some creatures can be found near them.
  • Zone 2: A rocky beach with clear waters, its narrow passages lead to other areas.
  • Zone 3: A very narrow tunnel, it has some rare ores, but a strong current flows through it.
  • Zone 4: A rocky cannon with some strange creatures on the walls.
  • Zone 5: A very narrow tunnel, it has some rare ores, but a strong current flows through it.
  • Zone 6: A deep cave with both underwater and land parts, there's a great aperture on the ceiling that illuminates the area.
  • Zone 7: A rocky area with strange red corals.
  • Zone 8: A very narrow cannon with a midly wide part facing an impassable water current.
  • Zone 9: Another cave where monsters rest, it has bones of different animals.
  • Zone 10: A zone very near the core, surprisingly, there are strange corals that glow intensely like fire.
  • Zone 11: A petrified lava flow where rare ores can be found, it's stopped by a great cliff and faces the depths and inmensity of the ocean.
  • Hazards: Smoke, Boiling water, Hot water, Water currents.


  • Small monsters: ???
  • Big monsters: Vereoch, ???

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