Start of our Wiki

The Fanon Monster Hunter Wiki was created on the 1st January of 2016. It was created since the Old fanon had issues with the structure and to repair that would have taken too much time, therfor a new wiki was founded, based on the old wiki. Founders are Setheo and Dry-Bawful. It was finished within 7 days (from point it was founded till to the point it was ready to open). Biggest help we got was from Narwhaler and Yukihaze, who helped in various ways.

What is Fanon?

The word "Fanon"is a slang term and is an abbreviated form of both "Fan-canon" and "Fan-Fiction". Fanon is properly used as a term that refers to fan-made information and content that is unofficial and entirely non-cannon, unless confirmed by the original authors / owners of the franchise themselves.

What is this Wiki about?

The Monster Hunter Fanon Wiki is a comprehensive database made by fans of the Monster Hunter Series. This Wiki will contain anything made by fans (from artworks such as areas, monsters, weapons and armors to Fan Fiction, and even more). A Fan Fiction can be a novel, short storie, poem, etc.

The Fanon wiki takes place in a parallel world. This means that the official Map as we know from the Main series is void. Though the lore such as areas and monsters from the franchise still exists here.

Fanon World