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Titles The Deep Sea Apocalypse
Nicknames Abby, Sage
General Info
Species ???
Habitats x
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move x
Elements Element Water Water, Element Kanade Kanade, Element Sound Sound
Ailments Severe Waterblight Waterblight, Severe Iceblight Iceblight, Status Dragonblight Dragonblight
Weaknesses Any Element that is part Element ThunderThunder, or and Element that is part Element DragonDragon

Abissäger is a monster of the ??? species that you are free to use in a game or other media. If you have differences in your game or other media, add a sub heading for that difference below one category.


They are gargantuan blue, aquatic monsters with algae growing on their back. Their skin is a light blue when near the surface, and navy blue or black in the deepest reaches of the ocean. They have a thick coat of algae on their back which contains seaweed with small hooks. Their head is almost square-shaped, with very small eyes. They have two large hooked horns coming from the side of their head. Their bottom jaw is shelled, with several spikes coming from the back of the jaw. They have several pairs of flippers, growing shorter as they go along the body, and a thick, spade-shaped tail. They have blue stripes of a strange pattern running from their eyes to the end of their tail.


They will attack only if attacked themselves, as usually the thing attacking them is the smallest fraction of their size. Other than that, they normally drift peacefully through the sea, normally asleep. They only wake up for three things: air, food, or to kill a threat. Their sounds are incredibly loud, and have been heard thousands of miles away.


The seaweed on their back can grab and tangle hunters, acting as a grapple attack. They can also fire a water beam able to blow holes in mountains.

Rage and Tired States

Users can customize this panel to fit their version.


It can be mounted in several places: the head (on the left horn), the back, and the tail.


Users can add their own attack sets here.

Breakable Parts

Horns x2- A horn will break.

Back x2- More soft tissue on the back is exposed.

Flippers x8- A flipper will break.

Tail x5- The tail will continuously lose tissue until it eventually can be broken


Users can add their own equipment, but the names of the sets I made are Profondità (Blade) and Herrscher (Gunner).


Icon Item Name Description Qty Drop Rate Type
Hide Icon Blue
Abyssal Lightskin The skin of an Abissäger that was killed near the surface. It has a pleasant light-blue color. 1-2
Hide Icon Dark Blue
Abyssal Darkskin The skin of an Abissäger that was killed deep in the ocean. It has an ominous navy blue color... 1-2
Monster Parts Icon Black
Dark Eye The small eye from an Abissäger. It twitches into a blinking motion every now and then. 1
Hide Icon Blue
Aquashow Skin Flashy skin that is light blue with a darker stripe on it. It could be used to make some fashionable clothes. 1-2
Hide Icon Dark Blue
Aquaglow Skin Ominous skin that is navy blue with a glowing stripe. It could be used to make a cloak that could stay dry in the deepest depths of the ocean. 1-2
Claw Icon White
Trench Tooth A sharp tooth with the power of the crushing pressure of the abyss. It could cut through the thickest abyssal walls. 1-3
Claw Icon Black
Abyssal Horn A fragment of the horn of an Abissäger. Even though it's only a few inches long, it feels as heavy as your weapon. 1
Herb Icon Special 2
Abyssal Algae A plant that seems to be able to survive without human or animal care. It has a soft texture. 1-3
Monster Parts Icon Blue
Abyssal Paddle A piece of a flipper from an Abissäger. It is muscular and is chilly like a giant glacier. 1
Monster Parts Icon Blue
Abyssal Tail A tail that is muscular, but pliable, able to be bent freely once severed. You have no idea how you fit this into your pouch. 1


  • It's seaweed cannot grab you if it's back has been broken twice.
  • It moves slower with all eight flippers broken.
  • Once it's tail has been completely broken, hunters can grab onto and carve from the mangled flesh.


  • This is T1GREXHUNTER's first free-to-use monster.
  • It's name is derived from Abisso, the Italian word for abyss, and Jäger, the German word for hunter.